The Samples used by Kanye

The Samples of Kanye

Interesting video of popular Kanye West produced songs that he has sampled from. Now, sampling is a part of hip-hop, and I’ve always known that he has sampled songs from the past, but this montage of his samples show how necessary it is to have money & good lawyers to be able to get the clearances – because some of his samples come from artists such as Elton John, Luther Vandross, Bette Midler, and many others.

As with all industries, nobody really ‘invents’, they just innovate on existing products, platforms, or in this case – music. And in all, nothing is really wrong with that, just as long the source is credited.

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Sam Frank “Simple Life that I’m dreaming of”

Sam Frank “Simple Life”

Just that simple life that we all are striving for …

This song may be Dubstep or post Dubstep, either way this is a big song getting play over in the UK. This type of music, which I like to call a ‘Post Funk Dubstep Hip-Hop’ is in my opinion the ‘next’. Yes it has that electronic sound of the autotune, but the composition and instrumentation used is that ‘next level ish’ that can actually make autotune almost soulful. And maybe I’m ranting a bit much, and maybe these type of songs/beats have been popping for awhile now, and I’m just now either exposed to it, but regardless check it out.

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All About the Tangents Baby!

Getting things off your chest in random sequences … nah, I ain’t crazy

If you have been following this blog, then you must know that I like to go off on ‘tangents’ – which are somewhat long commentaries, complaints, stories, about particular topic(s). And in my day-to-day life I realised I do this too, like just pick any topic, and at will, I can just go off, bring up stats, complimentary issues, segway into sub-issues, etc. Some of my friends and co-workers find this annoying – but this post isn’t about their reaction, and I don’t want to go off on a tangent about that. But I recently met someone whom is almost identical in the ‘tangent nature’ and she referred to herself as ‘tangentical’ – and this is like explaining the whole experience of studying psychology: Attaching technical terms to feelings that you have always felt. If I can re-define this word that has not been defined, ‘tangentical’ to me suggests a disposition to use tangents through all facets of life and interactions with others, and to evoke emotions. You can argue with my definition, but will most likely lose to Supreme Court of Moi.

One frequent response of being Tangentical is that most people will say ‘I don’t get you’ or ‘I don’t understand, you talk to much’, which may all be some valid points. But being Tangentical is much more than just being able to ‘go off’ on a rhetoric diatribe, its about attempting to cover each and every possible trite question that the listener may have; so as to avoid the mundane questions.

Example: when talking to someone about why you don’t like Baseball, explain when your displeasure started, any personal experiences of playing baseball, and attempts to try and modify your dislike of Baseball.

So essentially being Tangentical embodies identifying etiology, subjective experiences, attitude/behavior modification, and logical rhetoric.

Now, if only I can learn the technical term for discovering technical terms to stuff we already experience … That would make my day/week/month/year/decade even more.

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Just …..

Just __________

Finding the motivation to keep on keeping on

It is such a simple utterance, yet we complex its meaning by uprooting real & mental obstacles. If you’re passionate about something – the thing that brings a smile to your face, the thing that gives you a tingly feeling throughout your body, the worst thing you can do is just stop following your passion. And we stop for many reasons, or find excuses to stop. Sometimes we become deterred, find ourselves uninspired, or get consumed with other life issues. Being in the entrepreneurial creative digital field, I run into people all the time that said that they stopped their passion for reason A through Z, but wish they had continued, even in a limited scope – and they all feel some sort of remorse or regret. And I usually see myself in them (pause), as I am guilty of it too, when I get frustrated, I deter and avoid the passion activity; and I think afterwards, “damn, why didn’t I just continue?”. Part of the reason why we just ‘stop’ is because we feel some friction or we are not seeing any financial reward, and let’s face it, the financial reward can be a huge source of motivation, but there exists a weird relationship between ‘passion’ and ‘money’. Like yes, following your passion in order to receive financial rewards is cool, but the money shouldn’t be the ultimate motivation – because it would confound your passion and art. As we all know, once you get money involved, you get other filters and variables involved, making your art and passion diluted with money.

Excuse the little money/motivation/passion rant, and let’s get back to the initial intent of this post, which I think it was to ‘just’ continue your passion. Don’t mind the haters, the nay-sayers: if you are getting some sense of fulfillment from your passion, continue it (**Disclaimer: lawful passions in your geographical jurisdictions).

So consider this post as self-medication for me to help me ‘just continue writing’, and the fruits of my labor will be realised in time – and if the fruit turns rotten, I still had a blast farming …. Ya digg?

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Developing Developer’s Immunity

Overcoming Web Dev Insecurity

Deprogramming Insecurity

This one is for all my Developer’s out there, I’m sure you’ll relate. Its that feeling you have that is a mixed feeling of both being scared and optimistic about that web development project you got on your mind. Part optimism because you feel that you have a solid idea, but part scared because past negative experiences of scrolling lines and lines of code has caused you anxiety and heartache. You then say, “let me just jack a script”, and all the scripts you jack are good in some sense, but eventually you find out that it doesn’t meet your needs, so then you spend copious amounts of time trying to learn the script, testing, debugging, eventually leading to further frustrations.

I’ve been all through the whole development process of trying to take the shortcut, modifying existing scripts, and so on. And it has taught me that you really need to develop patience and a sense of immunity to tolerate your own insecurities and reluctance to a project. I don’t claim to have really figured it out, my immunity is definitely not the most resilient, but at least being self-aware about is the first step I guess. And the only way to overcome your fears and insecurities is to accept that you have them, and try to work towards a ‘better you’. A ‘better you’ that truly believes the adage that anything can be done with a little bit of hard work & perseverance.

P.S. This may sound like an inspirational piece for you, but is moreso for me, but if you’re inspired, hey, more power to you.

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Contractors Hyperbole

The Language of Contractors

I find the Home Improvement Industry to be a very challenging field, its either ‘Do-It Yourself’ or hire a Contractor. This post will focus on the latter, and their interesting rhetoric. Recently had to ‘monitor’ (be present) at my Mother’s house while several contractors vied for a chance to complete a floor tiling project; and I have noticed several ‘Talking Points’ that ALL Contractors seem to have. So here are some Talking Points that I have observed, and my interpretation of what they really mean:

“I know a guy that can do that for you”
– means that he can’t do it himself, so he worked out a deal with someone that he knows, and will take a percentage

“His work is very very good, amazing”
– this claim will hardly never be validated, who is really going to take the time to view strangers houses?

“Its not going to cost you, its going to cost me”
– it will still cost YOU, but probably in the long run

“I’m giving you the best possible price – I’m not making any money”
– even at the baseline cost, I’m still making money, sucka!

“These things happen from time to time”
– I f#cked up, and since you don’t know shit about this industry, I will blame it on ‘natural circumstance’

“Unlike other contractors who would just tell you anything, I’m being honest with you”
– I’m saying this to gain your confidence, but I am more like the contractors that I have tarnished

In all, I have to give it up to the Contractors, they have realized how they are viewed amongst the general public as sleezy, corrupt, ex-con, dirtbags; thus, there probably was some ‘Contractor Meeting’ a few years ago where they adopted some psychological rhetoric as they try to get into their customers heads and try to distance themselves from the perception of their own industry.

Kinda clever.


<<< Wish this was how all Contractors looked like, then, I wouldn’t really have that much of a problem with ’em.

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