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Snoop, Marlo, Avon Quotes

I don’t know what is the exact term for these types of pictures/quotes; you’ve seen them before – always talking about inspiration, or making a popular culture reference joke.  Anyhow, the great pseudo docu drama TV series ‘The Wire’ (2002-2008) on HBO is known as a critically acclaimed series that never really got is props for telling a real story about the socio-economics and ganglife of inner-city Baltimore.

Came across some classic Wire quotes from classic characters such as Marlo, Snoop, McNulty, and Avon Barksdale.

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Shaft’s Big Score – Don’t Misunderstand

Don’t Misunderstand

This is an actual real music from the Blaxploitation film Shaft’s Big Score (released 1972), this is a song that accurately captures the mood of the ‘infamous’ times of the 1970’s as pimping, gangsterism, and being a ‘playboy’ was coveted and revered. Jumping forward to the current day, I don’t think much as changed – except where this song sounds a bit more eloquent, while the current music is very blunt & direct with their slackness & slackitude.

There are some real funny and classic lines from this song. I’m still trying to figure out who the composer is; as it wasn’t mentioned in the film credits.

Tips for the Social Media Geek

Increasing Geekitude

Some tips to accelerate your nerd/geekiness online to make you further increase the efficiency in whatever you do (probably Facebook & Twitter).

Multi-Task (dual screen)
– pretty simple; two screens allows you to do and see more. For the graphic artist, it allows you to look at Photoshop on one monitor, and view stock footage on Bridge on the other monitor. It is also good for learning tutorials – have the video tutorial playing on one side, practice the teachings on the other monitor – generally it just increases the level of productivity.

– pretty much any device that allows you to do e-mail, browse the web, social network, and etc. There are many devices on the market for you to choose from; iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, etc. Think of the phone as your personal device that manages your communications and engagements with the world. No longer is the computer/laptop needed as the device to do such management.

Google is not only a search engine, but essentially they are an advertising platform that delivers targeted ads via their many products and services. As such, they offer these services usually free, and they are quite useful as they are built on ‘cloud computing’ and are usually able to interface with your mobile device.

Google Calendar
Google Docs
Google Maps
Google Reader (manages RSS feeds/blogs)

Time Management Skills
– all these tools are great, but are useless unless you don’t learn how to manage your time properly. Blocking out times, and even people to work on projects/items may be necessary. Sometimes it is best to start with a good ‘ol pencil and paper to itemize what needs to be done, develop a timeline, and then put such plan into action.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to being more efficiency and productive, hopefully.

Soultronica 7

Soultronica 7

Mixtape 136 from with the Soultronica series.

“But the soultronica series is officially back on. Brothertron handles the intro, since dex digital is incapacitated (if you caught the last episode, you’ll remember why) – but wait, dude somehow survived half an hour of no oxygen – what’s the deal?”

Check it out below:

Featured artists in the mixtape include The Jet Age of Tomorrow, Theophilus London, Droop-E, and others.


Hip-Hop Kinetic Typography

Dream Girl Kinetics

This is a Hip-Hop Kinetic Typography Music Video I produced for some independent artists out of Toronto. I was inspired by the Cee-Lo Green video ‘F— You’ and other Kinetic typography videos. A funny story accompanies this video, or tragic, I was like 80% done with the video, but then my power went out; which corrupted the file, so I had to spend another 10-12 hours re-creating everything. That was a lesson in saving multiple drafts of all video projects – especially in the Wonderful, yet buggy, Adobe After Effects, lol.

And of course with anything that is abstract, comes politics – especially when dealing with different people (which now, I really understand why most artists want to work for themselves and not deal with bullshit from other clients, collectives, etc.) … but thats for another chapter in my book, I’ll just say that when sampling a population, make sure your sample is representative of the target audience of your works.

Video Produced, Directed by d dot b (moi).

Also check out this artwork I did too: