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Soultronica 7

Soultronica 7

Mixtape 136 from Mixtapeshow.net with the Soultronica series.

“But the soultronica series is officially back on. Brothertron handles the intro, since dex digital is incapacitated (if you caught the last episode, you’ll remember why) – but wait, dude somehow survived half an hour of no oxygen – what’s the deal?”

Check it out below:

Featured artists in the mixtape include The Jet Age of Tomorrow, Theophilus London, Droop-E, and others.


Top Audio Podcasts

Top Audio Podcasts

Music gets kind of repetitive after awhile; especially with the ‘great’ amount of music that exists out there today …. thus, in case you need a change or something else different to listen to on your way to work/school/employment office, try out one of these podcasts that will either push your imagination, teach you something valuable, or will have you laughing hysterically.


A mix of storytelling, role playing, and interviews – this podcast is a throwback to the classic age of radio where the discussions drive one’s imagination. The lead host is very self-deprecating, sarcastic, and witty with his sense of dry humor and honest storytelling about the perils of life.

Adam Carolloa Podcast

One of the funniest podcasts on the net right now, #1 on iTunes for months. This podcast is a mix of interviews with C-list to A-list celebrities; but the show really shines when Adam goes on many of his rants; touching on everything from politics, entertainment, race issues, and pet peeves. If you are easily offended, this is not the podcast for you; but if you are not uptight and can laugh at yourself, and have fun laughing at others; you will thoroughly enjoy … get it on!

How Stuff Works Podcast

For the nerds out there, this is one of the most random, yet informative podcasts as the de-myth, investigate, and theorize about any and everything under the sun. They really do explain ‘how stuff works’; from physical things, to concepts, to historical events. Great for commutes and for the lover of knowledge.

Risk! Podcast

This podcast focuses strictly on storytelling and they get guest presenters to re-tell bizarre, interesting, and weird stories. Each week is themed with an emotion, and runs about an hour in length.

Buzz Out Loud

The ultimate technology podcasts for the geeks. Daily podcast with all the news & rumors in the tech world, mixed in with a little humor and sarcasm.
Site:  http://www.cnet.com/buzz-out-loud-podcast/
Feed:  http://buzzoutloudpodcast.cnet.com/