Shaft’s Big Score – Don’t Misunderstand

Don’t Misunderstand

This is an actual real music from the Blaxploitation film Shaft’s Big Score (released 1972), this is a song that accurately captures the mood of the ‘infamous’ times of the 1970’s as pimping, gangsterism, and being a ‘playboy’ was coveted and revered. Jumping forward to the current day, I don’t think much as changed – except where this song sounds a bit more eloquent, while the current music is very blunt & direct with their slackness & slackitude.

There are some real funny and classic lines from this song. I’m still trying to figure out who the composer is; as it wasn’t mentioned in the film credits.

2 thoughts on “Shaft’s Big Score – Don’t Misunderstand”

  1. “Don’t Misunderstand” was written by Gordon Parks in 1955. the song was nearly 20 years old by the time the Shaft movie was made. I play this beautiful
    Song on the piano all time.

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