Sky Service Airlines – Bad, really bad

Sky ‘service’, but ‘service’ is missing

Note: The great thing about this thing called the Internet is that it gives a voice to people for complaining and airing grievances. My grievance is with this joke of an Airline called Sky Service

I have flown on quite a few airlines from Air Canada, Delta, United, West Jet, etc.  Generally, they are all decent, I never had any real problems – that was until I encountered Sky Service Airlines (  They are a discount airline that I had the unfortunate experience of flying with recently.  I am not a fat or a tall guy, but I found the seating to be very cramped; combine that with a malfunctioning seat that couldn’t recline, being double booked, being relocated to the back of the plane near the washrooms, and then being offered cheap ass alcohol as compensation for my inconvenience …. I was well dissatisfied.  I was embarrassed, uncomfortable, and annoyed that they had ruined my flight on multiple fronts.

So I wrote an appropriate letter to their Customer Relations department, they said that it will take a minimum of SIX weeks to get back to me; either they have limited customer service staff or they receive a lot of complaints.   I may not be a public figure as Kevin Smith (yet), but I know how to cause a ‘stir’ … so the ball is in Sky Service airlines court – how this game is played is up to them.  In my eyes, the only way to resolve this situation is to refund my ticket, what do you all think?

Does anyone else out there have any airline horror stories????

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4 thoughts on “Sky Service Airlines – Bad, really bad”

  1. Thats messed up that you were uncomfy as a short person. I am never flying that airline again, terrible – they better do the right thing and refund my ticket

  2. Hi guys,

    I’m a journalism student at Ryerson University and I just heard about the news this morning – Sky Service Airlines have gone out of business.

    Just was wondering if either of you would be interested in answering a few questions about your experience with the airline.

    you guys can email me at

    It would be greatly appreciated.


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