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“That Dude”

That Dude

Waiting on the sidelines, ready to get into the game
That dude. He is the one in the wings, the corridor, waiting to be called into action – like the 2nd round draft pick dying to get some action in the game;

He has put in time, work, perservance, he is sure that his persuasive nature will win you over;

He balloons and exacerbates – he should work at a gas station;

Presents himself as the polar opposites of your complaints, beef, and frustrations;

Slips in keywords that make you ponder, re-assess, and re-evaluate;

Has a divine intuition – always calls her during those special times, troubling times;

He finds a way to connect feelings of disconnect;

But why does she keep that dude around;

He is either a plan B or a corrective measure;

To check and balance the plan A – to make the plan A be on his P’s & Q’s;

For if not, A has G2G;

I remember when, I used to be that dude;

Ladies confiding in me about their frustrations, pains, beefs, and quips;

Calling me all late nights to get my thoughts and opinions;

As that dude, I controlled the sea of their relationship – if willing could have added ripples and waves, that no boat could navigate through – well, without damage;

But I guess I am one of those few dudes that practice traditional codes, practice traditional honor, and practices traditional respect;

They really don’t make them like they used to.

Instead there is a plethora of ‘That Dude’, ready, willing, and able to do, say anything to change the course of your navigation …. Ladies get a strong boat

.:: LiBM ::.

Silly Monkeys! Part 4: The Girlfriend’s Friend

Silly Monkeys! Part 4: The Girlfriend’s Friend
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At first she is nice. She can be pleasant and kind as she tries to sift through you; you know, to determine if you are right for her girl. She knows more about you than she leads on – she knows your good and your bad, your insecurities, your buttons. She is supposed to be happy for her girl, keyword is ‘supposed to’. However she has grown up with her for awhile, and with woman, girls, females, and lets include humans in general, there will always exist a competitive spirit. She wants to be happy for her, but its very hard for her to be happy for her, if she isn’t happy.
It says that thou shall not covet thy’s neighbor’s wife, maybe it should have just stopped at ‘thou shall not covet’, as if it were such a case, she would be a sinful sinner.

And she tries so hard to attain what she sees, and when she realizes that it is a paramount task, she gets calculating. She thinks, ‘well, if she is happy and I’m not, then …’ she gets a case of crab-bucketitis – If she can’t ascend herself to feel like her friend, then she brings the b*tch down.
Misery loves company, and she is looking for fellow employees – and she will try to bring you down to, directly or indirectly, and she has the power to do it. She knows, and will play off of your insecurities, jealousy, anything to get you emotional and cause a riff between you and your girlfriend.

But I play a different chord.

Fellas, understand that she only wants to break up your melody, because she wants a facsimile of your melody.

And with vocals like her, she will never harmonize, but will always be off-key.

And maybe the girlfriend will realize it as such and will end the sonata.

I once experienced this dim creature and she purposefully and skillfully was able to affect me and caused problems between my girlfriend and I. Oh man, she was clever, she pushed a button that she knew would upset and trouble me. She got me. I was able to recover, naturally, because I am the trampoline-man (everytime I fall, I land on a trampoline). However she left her mark, and even Ajax, Vim, or Comet can’t clean it. I haven’t dealt fully with this silly monkey, maybe I will, maybe I won’t, but I can say that in the future, if I ever encounter such a silly monkey again, I’ll be sure to turn the silly monkey into a buffoon – expose her for what she really is, and what she is trying to do to her ‘friend’ (girlfriend); And that is what irked me most about this particular silly monkey, is that she was maybe trying to hurt me, but she ended up hurting her friend, and their friendship.

Silly monkey.

.:: d.b ::.

Collateral Hating

A thought in the arts of Hating ….

Now, hating is nothing new – its a part of daily life, as people say and/or do certain things to try to undermine and/or impede your progress; growing up in a major city, i’ve grown to accept that.

When the hate is directed to me, I can handle it – dish it back, package it properly right back to the sender. However, this new ‘hate by association’ thing is perplexing.

An ex-girl of a colleague of mines is deciding (against better judgment) to spread hate on him, and myself to people that are in our circle. Now, go ahead girl, do your thing and hate on your ex-man that may have done a, b, and c, to you (or, what you perceive), but don’t include me; that is wreckless hating (new word) and can have some adverse consequences – kind of like pain medication.

I’m sure ‘Collateral Hating’ is a common occurrence, but what it should do the victims involved (i.e. being ME) is that it should propel the energy in one’s self to over-achieve above the hater’s limited expectations of you. Yes, I could get mad, angry, and spew about it, but i’d rather manifest that energy into trying to triumphant the feat that the hater thinks I can’t do.

Also, it is comforting to know that most haters are not a ‘stand-up’ species; rather in the face of adversity or confrontation they swelter … saying “Nah, I didn’t say that, she said that”, hmmm, that reminds of some type of species … on all fours though …

Peace Haters

Lemme know what y’all think … peace.