Collateral Hating

A thought in the arts of Hating ….

Now, hating is nothing new – its a part of daily life, as people say and/or do certain things to try to undermine and/or impede your progress; growing up in a major city, i’ve grown to accept that.

When the hate is directed to me, I can handle it – dish it back, package it properly right back to the sender. However, this new ‘hate by association’ thing is perplexing.

An ex-girl of a colleague of mines is deciding (against better judgment) to spread hate on him, and myself to people that are in our circle. Now, go ahead girl, do your thing and hate on your ex-man that may have done a, b, and c, to you (or, what you perceive), but don’t include me; that is wreckless hating (new word) and can have some adverse consequences – kind of like pain medication.

I’m sure ‘Collateral Hating’ is a common occurrence, but what it should do the victims involved (i.e. being ME) is that it should propel the energy in one’s self to over-achieve above the hater’s limited expectations of you. Yes, I could get mad, angry, and spew about it, but i’d rather manifest that energy into trying to triumphant the feat that the hater thinks I can’t do.

Also, it is comforting to know that most haters are not a ‘stand-up’ species; rather in the face of adversity or confrontation they swelter … saying “Nah, I didn’t say that, she said that”, hmmm, that reminds of some type of species … on all fours though …

Peace Haters

Lemme know what y’all think … peace.

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