All music is ‘Emo’

Joe Budden = Emo

An interesting dialogue by Joe Budden and his first-person perspective video as they talk about music being emotional – regardless of how shallow or deep your favorite artist may be, at the end of the day, all music brings an emotion. Joe Budden may bring some real life/struggle emotion, while Soulja Boy may make you feel like getting up and dance in the club – either way, it all comes down to the feelings.

Kind of a long video for the Internet finicky crowd, but you’ll learn something at the end of it.  Side note: they really shouldn’t be talking so foul in front of the little kid … SMH

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The End of Time

Dot City – End of Time

A little video collage that I did for DOT CITY. The lyrics and track are pretty powerful as it talks about the ‘End of Days’, so I think I put out some pretty compelling images to evoke that emotion.  This track is by Dot City feat. Jermaine Barnaby and is called ‘End of Time’, Let me know what you think….

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Jared Evan – In Love With You

Jared Evan – In Love With You

Heard this track on the ending credits of HBO’s Entourage episode “Sniff Sniff Gang Bang” from Season 7, episode 8, and the track is infectious. A sort of Pop/Rock/R&B fusion that hits hard. One thing about Entourage: Its not the greatest show, but the music selections are on point. The artist is Jared Evan, the track is ‘In Love with you’.

Poetic Fashion 2010

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A worthwhile event to check out going down September 2, 2010 in Toronto:

LITERATURE FOR LIFE announces the all-star line-up for the second annual POETIC FASHION to be held SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 at the ST. LAWRENCE CENTRE FOR THE ARTS. JUNO AWARD NOMINEE KIM DAVIS ( and RAPTORS TV SHOWTIME HOST AKIL AUGUSTINE host a showcase of some of Toronto’s best up and coming designers – including ROD PHILIPOT of SHKANK INC. ( whose designs have already graced the stages of THE GRAMMYS, MISS UNIVERSE, and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and CINDY RENEE of SODALISIOUS ( who has been worn by celebrities like 90210’s ANNA LYNNE-MCCORD.But this isn’t your average fashion show. Poetic Fashion also showcases some of Toronto’s best talent including CANADIAN BEATBOX CHAMPION SCOTT JACKSON (, composer and pianist JD KEYS and APOLLO AMATEUR NIGHT WINNER BLAKE CARRINGTON ( a host of established and up and coming spoken word artists from Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods. Poetic Fashion is a model youth leadership initiative – run by youth for youth – and committed to building bridges not barriers between Toronto’s at-risk communities, finding commonalties, not differences.

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Black TwitterBirds

The Black Twitterer

A deep social study may exists in analyzing why black people have flocked to Twitter.  Not to dwell on that in this post, I came across a post from as they responded to an article about black people’s habits and Twitter.  Anyhow, they created some creative Twitter avatars to define the ‘Black Twitterer’, I have added my commentary to each avatar, see below:


Afro proud Soul Brother Twitter


NY Twitterer


22″ Dubs Twitterer


The Kanye Hipster Twitterer


The Light-skinned Twitterer
Check the original hoopla here.

My only comment about black people and Twitter is an observation: it has been well-documented that black people are late adopters to social media; in the instances of Facebook, MySpace, and even Twitter.  Its not until a high profile figure in hip-hop and/or the black community endorses or talks about a social media tool, that black people will begin to utilize it.  Being a black male myself, I am impressed that we do use Twitter, as it can be a useful tool, but I too often find that we are promoting and tweeting nonesense/foolishness/tomfoolery.  Its always sad when a Trending Topic is some ghetto term and/or involves the ‘N word’.  I truly think that due to the short 140 characters of Twitter, it allows many people to practice online, what they do in real life – talk sh*t.   Because, if you roam Twitter for even 10 minutes, you will be left with the deduction that there is a lot of sh*t talking on here.

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