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The Black Twitterer

A deep social study may exists in analyzing why black people have flocked to Twitter.  Not to dwell on that in this post, I came across a post from as they responded to an article about black people’s habits and Twitter.  Anyhow, they created some creative Twitter avatars to define the ‘Black Twitterer’, I have added my commentary to each avatar, see below:


Afro proud Soul Brother Twitter


NY Twitterer


22″ Dubs Twitterer


The Kanye Hipster Twitterer


The Light-skinned Twitterer
Check the original hoopla here.

My only comment about black people and Twitter is an observation: it has been well-documented that black people are late adopters to social media; in the instances of Facebook, MySpace, and even Twitter.  Its not until a high profile figure in hip-hop and/or the black community endorses or talks about a social media tool, that black people will begin to utilize it.  Being a black male myself, I am impressed that we do use Twitter, as it can be a useful tool, but I too often find that we are promoting and tweeting nonesense/foolishness/tomfoolery.  Its always sad when a Trending Topic is some ghetto term and/or involves the ‘N word’.  I truly think that due to the short 140 characters of Twitter, it allows many people to practice online, what they do in real life – talk sh*t.   Because, if you roam Twitter for even 10 minutes, you will be left with the deduction that there is a lot of sh*t talking on here.

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