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Visually Fall

Visually Fall

The majestic transitional season

Autumn (also known as Fall in North American English) is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, usually in late March (southern hemisphere) or late September (northern hemisphere) when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier. Personally, I dig the fall because of the change in temperature; moving away from the extreme summer – but I don’t like the move towards the extreme cold (especially up here). Anyhow, here are some visual stimuli for your retina:

By Chris B Photo

By Tour of Nature

By MJ Agiellicz

By iunewind

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8-bit Art

From jimiyo.com

8-Bit Art

Some creative artistic renditions from classic Nintendo and Atari titles such as Zelda, Super Mario, and Donkey Kong.  I don’t know about you, but I am feeling the simplistic style of the 8-bit art with all of its pixelations and clumpy colors. I should note now that the inspiration from this post comes from a discussion with ‘Mr. P’ and his ramblings about ‘Grilled Cheese’ … more about that on a next note.

From McDeathBear

From joynatiq.com

From cobolhacker.com

From hackmod.com

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Summer, suspended with Stills

Summer, suspended with Stills

A thousand stories told in every picture

“According to meteorologists, summer extends for the whole months of June, July and August in the northern hemisphere and the whole months of December, January and February in the southern hemisphere”

I’m not really a big fan of summer; I don’t like the ‘extreme seasons’ (summer and winter), I prefer the transitional seasons (spring and fall) – which realisitcally suggests that there are only two real seasons, but the marketing departments of your favorite fashion designer or store will never have that. Summer is very hot, humid, and smelly; like others who live in dense cities, summer is a time when the air quality is very poor and sometimes it is hard to breathe with the humid heavy air circulating around. However summer is a time to ‘lime’, ‘relax’, ‘chill’, and enjoy the outdoors … which have been captured in these stunning visual works:

Summer Cocktail

Designed by iunewind



Designed by Melly Baldin


Funkdified Summer

Designed by yayaaja



Designed by Funny Neko

Don’t just enjoy the summer by sitting on your bum, get up and be active!

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Michael Jackson Abstract fan art

Designed by WordLife 316

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

R.I.P. the King of Pop Michael Jackson (1958-2008), a lot of my current musical tastes, and even my moves in the clubs (when I get down) are heavily influenced by Michael. Some of the most key songs that I play when I hit those emotional states will be a MJ song; and listening to them this morning, I realized that how masterful those songs are – the Off the Wall album is very timeless as those songs don’t really sound old.  Everything from the vocal arrangements, the percussions, production, and to LYRICAL CONTENT, MJ was way ahead of his time – and today’s striving musician should take some music history lessons … its not hard, just listen to that album and you will be a better artist. 

Looking out at today’s average R&B/pop/hip-hop artist, it is clearly evident that Michael influenced them all. It is sad though to see the many flashbacks of Michael from childhood to adulthood; as a change is evident, and the ‘machine’ behind him & his rising popularity to iconic status – influenced him very muchso. He never really had a childhood; which as an adult, he grossly overcompensated – but with all the allegations and such, I truly don’t believe he did what was alleged, his heart and intentions were always in the right place – just by current social standards, his actions raised eyebrows.

So f— the haters, this weekend celebrate his life, his memories, and his message of world peace, and let the celebration continue forever.  So here is some great abstract fan art:

Designed by Felsus

Designed by PC Joe

Designed by Stalker1837

Designed by Carinat

Designed by Drawing Your Attention

A bit more about Michael and his accomplishments from Wikipedia:
In the early 1980s, he became a dominant figure in popular music and the first African-American entertainer to amass a strong crossover following on MTV. The popularity of his music videos airing on MTV, such as “Beat It”, “Billie Jean” and Thriller—credited for transforming the music video into an art form and a promotional tool—helped bring the relatively new channel to fame. Videos such as “Black or White” and “Scream” made Jackson an enduring staple on MTV in the 1990s. With stage performances and music videos, Jackson popularized a number of physically complicated dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk. His distinctive musical sound and vocal style influenced many hip hop, pop and contemporary R&B artists.

Sales of over 750 million records worldwide, making him the world’s best selling male solo pop artist.

Thriller sold over U.S. 28 million copies

.:: R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Great CD Artwork 2

Great CD Artwork 2

More classic hip-hop album covers

Now, even though the artwork for these hip-hop albums may be creative and fresh, that necessarily doesn’t correlate to the actual content within the album. The MC’s are always reliable in producing some creative artwork; you know, putting some thought into how they want their material to be presented. The MC ususally is very hip to the art & design scene – most rappers just want to have an album with their jewels and women. Enjoy below:

– Yes, these two are very odd, but they produce great music; that is what drugs will do to you

– Q-Tip can always be counted on producing some interesting artwork, and music to match

– Cypress Hill was big in the 90’s, and now in the 00’s (in the future, how will we refer to this decade???) they are big in the alternative Hip-Hop scene

– T.I.’s Paper Trail album cover is somewhat creative with the artwork, I guess he is practicing being ‘reflective’; a lot of people do that in jail.

– LL Cool J’s Exit 13 is a very creative album cover, impressive. I never heard the album, and don’t even recall it being released.

Also, check out some of the worst hip-hop album covers by Honolulu Hip-Hop; some of it they got dead on with the bad Photoshop, layering of expensive cars they can never afford – while some are kinda questionable.
Check it out here

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The car with skins. An interesting approach to where the automobile may be going.

With the development of the BMW GINA Light Visionary Model the BMW Group presents trendsetting solutions. Chris Bangle gives us a first impression of the ideas behind the process of sculpturing an experimental study.