Great CD Artwork 2

Great CD Artwork 2

More classic hip-hop album covers

Now, even though the artwork for these hip-hop albums may be creative and fresh, that necessarily doesn’t correlate to the actual content within the album. The MC’s are always reliable in producing some creative artwork; you know, putting some thought into how they want their material to be presented. The MC ususally is very hip to the art & design scene – most rappers just want to have an album with their jewels and women. Enjoy below:

– Yes, these two are very odd, but they produce great music; that is what drugs will do to you

– Q-Tip can always be counted on producing some interesting artwork, and music to match

– Cypress Hill was big in the 90’s, and now in the 00’s (in the future, how will we refer to this decade???) they are big in the alternative Hip-Hop scene

– T.I.’s Paper Trail album cover is somewhat creative with the artwork, I guess he is practicing being ‘reflective’; a lot of people do that in jail.

– LL Cool J’s Exit 13 is a very creative album cover, impressive. I never heard the album, and don’t even recall it being released.

Also, check out some of the worst hip-hop album covers by Honolulu Hip-Hop; some of it they got dead on with the bad Photoshop, layering of expensive cars they can never afford – while some are kinda questionable.
Check it out here

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