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Flour Bomb Him!

Flour Bomb Him!

Kim Kadarshian got flour bombed, now its time for dirtbag boyfriends to enjoy a similar fate – but with more flour!

Comedy Parody Music Video written and performed by Nadine Marie (@Nadinemarieg)
Audio Mixing & Mastering by me, Desmond B (@lifeinbmajor), as well as Video Direction, Editing, and Post-Production

Video Produced by Urban Comedy Network

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First Date Compass

The First Date Compass

First Dates can always be nerve racking – and usually the hardest part is figuring out how one should act in order to ’round the bases’ – if you know what I’m saying.  And as men, usually the goal is figuring out how we should act in order to get laid …. so I’ve heard, I of course, just act myself ….




Morality Compass – Outline

A Morality Compass for All Seasons

I was thinking to myself one day, like I normally do, and I thought about how we are faces with different moral dilemmas everyday – determining how we should behave at work, resolving conflict, dealing with attraction, and such.  Then, I saw a compass – and voila!  I mashed it together – so I present the series I dub ‘Morality Compass’.


2011: Tergiversate & the Protester

Don’t be afraid, to look up @ the Sky

The Year that was …

From the Arab Spring across the Middle East to the Global civil activism of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, the year of 2011 was essentially the year of the Protester – the one rising up against a system as they raise their heads, eyes, and voices towards the sky for change. So fittingly, the audio excerpt is from Pharrell’s song ‘You Can do it too’ (The Yessirs edition), and the pictures are from the tumultuous year of 2011 as ‘Time’ magazine called it the year of the Protester, and defined the word of the year as ‘Tergiversate':
1. to change repeatedly one’s attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc.; equivocate.
2. to turn renegade.


Images in Video: The Boston Globe ‘Big Picture’
Audio: Pharrell ‘You Can Do It Too’ (Yessirs Edition)
Video Editing: Desmond B – @lifeinbmajor

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