Printable Batteries for CERN monitored by Nissan – Nerban’s week in tech Aug 09

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Nerban’s week in tech August 2009

Some items from the world wide web concerning technology and our social habits.

Printable Batteries Should Arrive Next Year
– this will make those annoying greeting cards with the loud sounds and bad 80’s music to last even longer

Toshiba signs up for Blu-ray
– this must be a big blow to Toshiba’s psyce; if you didn’t know, Toshiba was behind the now defunct HD-DVD format which went head-to-head with Sony’s Blu-Ray format … of course, Blu-Ray won the format in 2008, and takes Toshiba well over a year to start producing compatible DVD players.

CERN’s collider to get ’safe’ start in November
– the end of the world is imminent … beginning in November when Scientists will engulf the world with their particle collider

Nissan will sell you its new electric car early — but you have to agree to be monitored.
– An electric car that you buy, but that will be watched

No more perks: Coffee shops pull the plug on laptop users
– Those cheap fake wannabee laptop users in the coffee shops that take up wi-fi and don’t buy scones

Apple tried to silence owner of exploding iPod with gagging order
– Apple getting their ‘gangsta on’ over their most explosive iPod ever

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