Defining an Era or Error: CC Jeans & L.A. Gear

CC Jeans & L.A. Gear

Defining an ERA or ERROR, a sign of the 90’s

Whether it was just a sign of an era or an error of the times, these brands defined the early 90’s for awhile.  Looking back at the lines, esepecially with Cross Color, didn’t anyone tell them to look at a basic color wheel?  A color wheel would of shown what colors do not match, but I guess that was a mute point since Cross Color had a cultural significant meaning behind it (wiki them to find out).  I would say that LRG (Lifted Research Group) is the Cross Color of today; in terms of making clothing with political and social messages – but LRG looks much better than Cross Color ever did (see comparison below).

With L.A. Gear, they were a staple when they launched the shoes that lit up; every kid and teenager wanted to have lights flash everytime they walked.  For awhile, they were giving Nike a run for their money, but the downfall of L.A. Gear may be attributed to over saturation and overall tackiness of the ‘shoes that light up’.  In the end though, L.A. Gear still survives, and even still makes some shoes that light up.  In their prime, they even had the late great Michael Jackson endorsing their shoes.


// Cross Color Jeans:
Cross Colours is a clothing brand launched in 1989 by Carl Jones. Launched on the premise of producing “clothes without prejudices” Cross Colours helped establish a fashion market based around black youth. The clothing was used to broadcast political and social messages.


Cross Color



// L.A. Gear


L.A. Lights: One of L.A. Gear’s most noticeable lines, which came out in early 1992. L.A. Gear began marketing shoes with red LED lights in the heels, and once a wearer’s heel hit the ground the lights would light up and continue to do so with every step. L.A. Gear went further in 1993 by introducing the L.A. Tech line of performance athletic shoes, which moved the light to the rear of the shoe and allowed it to be removed from the heel if the wearer so chose to do that. Although L.A. Gear eventually discontinued this line of shoe, many off-price brands of shoes added lights to their shoes and continue to do so to this day. (A recent line of children’s shoes made by Skechers also featured lights in the shoes).




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