I hate you all the time, time (not a grammatical error)


The eternal battle with ‘time’

An account of time, and how it affects us

I don’t like time, it sits there ticking and tocking – second after second, minute after minute. Throughout the day, I have to consult with time to do every and anything – to see if time agrees with my proposed actions. I have pervasive feeling that time is not my friend, it is my ‘frenemy’; when times are tough it is against me, when I got deadlines approaching it is against me, and when I need more time to do something, it shows no mercy. Furthermore, time always seems to make good times go by fast, and for excruciating events go by at a turtle pace – time has a dynamic way of being sadistic (and not in the S&M way). Because of you ‘time’, I don’t know how to really relax – I always feel that there are a bunch of things behind me that are chasing me; things that I have to deal with, resolve, and rectify. Even in my sleep, I can not escape these things that chase me, and the chase only really ends ‘in a matter of time’, when I deal with the situation; but that is not the end of the chase, because where one thing stops, another one continues, or in my case, a new problem is created. Oh time, you create a burden on me that leads me to believe of ‘impending somethingness’, of which I must deal with.

I disdain you time, last time that I enjoyed time was …. I really got to think far back, but I remember a time around this summer where I went up North in the woods to a cottage. Nothing but clear skies, open lakes, and endless rows of trees – I remember really enjoying it, and I remember that for awhile, time was not my enemy, it was my friend, as I was with friends, throwing down beers and eating BBQ food. To me, time literally stood still; as wireless devices were turned off, watches were abandoned, and all the worries I had were left on the dirt road that we rode upon to reach our relaxing destination. Its funny, all the times were I recall that I enjoyed time was when I was out of my city, on vacation; I guess I need to reassess my perspective on not how time is against me all the time, but how I can make better usage of my time.

But as with most things, ‘easier said than done’, but I am a work in progress, just like the Mona Lisa, and perfection will yield itself in a matter of time.

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