Light Speed Mind and Dealing with Stressors



Yes, I am Still Sane

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Minds really do travel at light speeds at times; as thoughts of innovation and creation flood the mind. I haven’t been here in a minute as I have been juggling conflicting stressors – some stressors are not welcomed, others are, as they challenge me to find creative ways to cope and handle them. I have been trying to organize my thoughts and all the ideas that I want to do for the last month, I think I am like 80% complete – for as we know with all projects, the longest/hardest part is the planning; once a plan is solid, the execution part is easy. I learned a lot, most hurdles that we have in our mind are simply that: hurdles that we have in our mind. As more often than not, we can be our own worst enemy, as our evolving character casts doubts in our minds of our abilities. Yes, there are forces in the world that work against us, makes it harder for some to achieve, but as Obama has proven, hard work and determination can overcome any obstacles … we just have to be ready to work hard and literally ‘grind’. That is what I have been doing, ‘grinding’; from planning a Live music show, working on databases, configuring operating systems, studying for school (even though they are strike, boo York University), handling the recession, looking for changes in employment, and dealing with personal relationships frustrations, it’s a shock that I am able to remain so sane. But, I do this, I live this ‘circus’ because I believe it drives me, it educates me, and prepares me for future scenarios; as I wrote in an earlier piece this year, I think I am developing a keen sense of acuity for a ClearView.

As we hit the end of month and step into December, I look forward to new challenges and obstacles – essentially stressors, but I think I am prepared to cope with the challenges ahead as I am refining myself to be more organized and focused. Now, I must trust myself to execute, and ‘pull the zip cord on the parachute’, with the hopes that I land in comfy green fields …

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