Lingering Effect

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Lingering Effect

Virtues: closure, disclosure, stay ‘true’, instinct, intuition, relationships


Overview, this piece deals with the concept of closure in relationships, don’t know what closure is? Wiki it. 

The lingering effect, in my opinion, occurs well after closure – which begs the question if closure CAN and IS ever really achieved. The lingering effect is more of an after-thought which asks the question: what could of been done different? Almost like reminiscing of what one could of done to produce a better situation. You don’t think about it constantly – for if you did, you would have closure issues, but every once in awhile a stimulus (song, conversation, etc.) will send you aboard a cruise ship back in time for a bit. An impression has definitely been made; and this impression has definitely sculpted who YOU are. But is it wise to try to make lingering effects a more meaningful effect? Meaning, trying to get in contact with someone, or trying to get back to that emotion that the lingering effect brings?

Sometimes I battle with these thoughts – i’m sure i’m not the only one. But dealing with lingering effects means going back to a past that you may have already outgrown – or that she has outgrown. Maybe she has moved on, got married, is living the good life, nice career, or, she is an abusive situation, gets treated badly — and desperately needs someone to ‘bail’ her out. Not financially, physically, or sexually (maybe sexually), but mentally. You see, not confronting or dealing with the lingering effects may indirectly lead her to continue dealing with that destructive boyfriend who pushes, or deal with that dude because of his money — all for security reasons I guess, we all need it. However, an intervention or confronting the lingering effect by even reaching out via phone/txt/email may do some good, may reconnect the tracks, may power the lines of your past communications.

Or it could not.

But they say inaction is worse than no action, but sometimes its better to remember a point in time that was genuine & real, and make that chick relish that moment that she missed out on – while she is with her pusha, do you feel me?

Funny how this relates all back to the concept of ‘closure’, do we ever have any?

I probably don’t!

Let me know what y’all think.

.:: Peace ::.

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