Dont impress me kid


Don’t Impress Me Kid


Virtues: self-monitoring, respect, accolades, getting ‘gassed’, hype, tolerance 

ExcerptLook at me, look at me. I am the ish, I do this, I do that – join MY team. I AM doing so well, I AM ballin’ – you gots to believe ME! Or is it believe IN me??? …. — Behavior of the ‘Gassed’ Individual

Ever had this happen to you? I’ve had plenty of times – you see an old acquaintance/friend from your past; high school, college, old neighborhood or just from around the way. Now, personally I rarely need accolades from others to build my self-confidence or self-esteem; I use rarely because I can admit that ‘yes’ it feels nice to be praised every once in awhile, but I feel it is only valid if I’m not looking for the accolades …. Enter the main theme of this piece. I’m referring to that dude or girl who you see every once in awhile whom tries to get your respect & praise from what they are doing in their own lives. They try so hard to persuade you to say ‘wow’ ‘ooh’, and ‘ahh’; they may do this with over exaggerating situations, showing you pictures & images to show proof of what they are doing, or by even telling you to talk to a mutual friend to verify/solidify their prominence. I’m not hating one’s hustle or grind, get money & stay true.

But, one should not need the approval of others, or try hard to make others feel impressed because that comes off really shallow; one’s self-worth isn’t much. I’ll use the term ‘gas’ to describe these people as they try to fill-up their ego with high-octane so that they can feel that they are ‘somebody’; and yes, we are all ‘somebody’, but those that need ‘gas’ are NOT happy with that ‘somebody’ whom they are.

I guess the ‘gas’ is propelling them to their ideal ‘somebody’ … but I ain’t gonna help the process, ya dig?

.:: Peace ::.

One thought on “Dont impress me kid”

  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about b/c I was there with you on one of those occassions. I can understand your frustration with people who feel the need to ‘brag’ as you would call it, about their accomplishments. But did you ever stop to think that your approval may serve as a cataylst for their success? If people are doing positive things with their lives, why not compliment them? While I agree with you, that one’s self-worth should not be totally reliant on others’ approval, I think that encouragement of positivity can propel success. In one of those conversations, you may hear arrogance, but if you listen closely, you may hear more. What he might be trying to communicate to you, is that as someone whose opinion he respects, he’d like your feedback. Don’t be so hasty in your judgment.

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