VLot Case #118: "So I don’t give a f*** what none of y’all n*** say; Cause anything that can’t penetrate ricochets"

“So I don’t give a f*** what none of y’all n*** say; Cause anything that can’t penetrate ricochets”
– Canibus ‘How We Roll’, 1998, a case study from www.vacantlot.org Intelli-Hip Hop

Self-esteem is a pertinent issue that affects all of us from childhood to adulthood. In childhood, our self-esteem is exposed to several ‘tests’ that either create a positive or negative self-esteem. Of course social, psychological, and environmental factors will all dictate how one responds to these ‘tests’. However, this proverbial wisdom quote refers to the ‘diss’ approach of self-esteem; that is discrediting a person’s character with insults that may be true or untrue. It is also worthy to note that these acts of discrediting is usually done directly and with a malicious nature (intent to afflict emo-pain).

Thus, this quote implies that one has a positive (high) self-esteem which translates into any attempts to lower their self-esteem is repelled. To attain this, one is confident in themselves; which may be also a sign that one only tries to lower another’s self-esteem because their self-esteem is also low – bringing one down may bring another up. Such individuals can be labelled shallow and transparent: which may explain why this quote suggests that insults are ricocheted back to the sender when one is mentally deep and understands their psyche.

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