VLot Case #115: "A wise man told me not to argue with fools, because people from a distance can’t tell who is who."

“A wise man told me not to argue with fools, because people from a distance can’t tell who is who.”
— Jay-Z , case study from www.vacantlot.org

This quote is one of my favorite quotes as I feel that it speaks truth; so many people like to argue with non-sensical logic — it is almost baffling at times. Actually, this quote is derived from an 18th century english proverb, but has a timeless essence because ‘fools’ will always exist.
Foolish logic has many traits, but most notably when one encounters someone who is foolish, the following characteristics will become apparent:
– Unwilling/Unreceptive to differing ideas; inability to compromise
– Argumentum ad hominem: does not stick to the argument, goes off topic
– Talks loud and uses vulgar language
– Circular argumentation: goes around in circles; does not stick to the argument.
– Stubborn attitude

Dialogue with people of this nature will not solve an issue, but rather it might make the situation worse; as both individuals will look ‘foolish’. Nothing can amount to nothing, and engaging with a fool will yield the same.

A common misconception of ‘fools’ are those individuals that may come from a poor background – to be foolish does not necessarily derive from one’s socio-economic status. But more so, ‘fools’ manipulate the world around them by assinine behavior to satisfy their appetitie.

In the end, this maxim suggests that nothing can be accomplished when arguing with a fool — except that one is deemed a fool also, for trying to intellectually engaging a fool.

.:: More quotes at www.vacantlot.org

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