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Blame it on the Recession

Blame it on the Recession

The recession can be looked at in a few angles; one, it can be viewed as a ‘system’ reset, a negative period with high unemployment, inspiration to spark innovation, or a plausible excuse for shit you don’t want to do.

We all get asked to do shit that we don’t want to, and if you don’t want to come off as ‘blunt’ or an ‘a-hole’, sometimes an excuse may be the best route to preserve someone’s feelings from being hurt. Thus, the recession can be handy excuse to give; everyone is going through it and everyone can relate.


Your girlfriend asks you to go to the play; plays can range from anywhere to $55 to $300 … Tell her that its a recession, you can’t afford it

You and your girls go shopping at the shoes store, when you come home, your fiance asks why would you go spend money on frivulous items … Tell him that you are helping to stimulate the economy

See? It works both ways. Though the recession is bad, it can be used for good – it all depends on what context you put it in; be creative, so that you can avoid those mundane, wack events that people want to drag you around too.

Don’t wanna do anything that friends propose? Blame it on the economy

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