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tan(005) – Manually syncing iTunes in a protest to protect the State

State of Man and Conflict, iTunery, protect the State

Not to go on a Tangent but …

Preamble: This is the most politco, socio, humano (humanist) rant yet; but I think I balance it from both sides, so take it in, let me know what you think.

In Toronto, the Tamil community of Sri Lanka descent have been very vocal about the 20+ year ongoing war going back home in the community; the war has claimed thousands of lives. I get that, and in Western democracies, we allow free protest on issues – as long as those issues don’t impede or jeopardize public safety. So, with that said, protesting on a busy downtown highway, threatening to march on the 401 (one of North America’s busiest highways), and strategically demonstrating during rush hours on busy downtown streets, do two things. First, it really does draw attention to your cause and concern – it definitely draws attention, kudos. However, and most importantly, secondly, it questions logic and foresight of your cause and realism. Take your cause to the Federal government; not the provincial government; if you are really serious about your cause, shut down a major transportation artery in Ottawa or rally on Parliament Hill, not the Gardner Expressway. And my next point, which is a sad state of our world society, well sad state of ‘nations’; the world community usually only intervenes in areas where there is a benefit to them. Meaning, that nations will only sacrifice the lives of their own soldiers if it will return a benefit for them – they will go into Iraq because of the vast resources of oil, but they won’t go into places like the Sudan where genocide is going on for years, because there is NO investment on their return. Put some natural gas or precious metals in Sri Lanka, and the International Community will be quick to intervene.

With that said, I am not saying don’t protest; speak your mind – but I hope the protesters understand the totality of the situation, and hopefully the totality that was expressed here is not the harsh truth.


iTunes manual sync
This is random, but I’m a go in anyway – on my iPod Touch, I download a lot of podcasts – just to explore the good and bad of the Internet. Now, when I download the podcasts through the iTunes store on my Touch through a wifi connection, its gravy, with biscuits. But, as soon as I do a MANUAL sync of my Touch with my computer, the downloaded podcasts are sometimes deleted (even though it is on MANUAL sync). Furthermore, the PC version of iTunes doesn’t even see the podcasts that I downloaded via wifi connection to my Touch! Come on iTunes team, test all possible conditions of your software please; as soon as you started locking these things down (remember with the old iPods, you could explore the folders on a PC/Mac) then you introduced a whole lot of problems.


Protecting the State
So the Obama administration in an attempt to make good on their campaign promises, somehow bring about the topic of prisoner abuse that occurred during the Bush Administration – I thought this was dealt with a few years ago, but that is besides the point. Now, they are attempting the block of releasing more pictures of the abuse that we all know happened; essentially trying to close Pandora’s box (that they themselves opened). In all this, Cheney has been very vocal in defending the tactics used; going on CNN, Fox, ABC, and a whole slew of news shows to reiterate the fact that the interrogation tactics work, and such tactics have prevented attacks. A side debate on all of this drama, is the argument that the Obama administration should not be releasing this information; as it will fuel further disdain for America across the world. Nothing good for the state can come about the further public exploration of this topic; it was already discussed a few years ago, and we know the ugly truth – we should learn from our mistakes and move on. For the Obama administration to berate the situation like beating a dead horse is asinine, and will not do anything to benefit the American people. Move on, and learn from the mistakes; but don’t further expose your state to public scrutiny that your enemies can use against you … Obama may need to read the book ‘The Art of War’ …

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Shoe Bandit Immortalized

Shoe Throwing Hero

The Iraqi journalist that did the impossible by throwing 2 shoes at former President George Bush in 2008; also to note, that Bush has remarkable skills in ducking – no one would have figured that those shoes would miss him, but Bush can sure duck shoes (as like responsiblity .. a la Kartina).  The hometown of where the journalist was from, the locals constructed a monument of the infamouse shoe.  I guess we all got to find hope wherever we find it; even though if I was in that town, I would prefer to spend time and energy in finding food for its people … but c’est la vie.

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Obama & the Midnight Regulators

Midnight Regulations

Added work from the Bush Administration

As if Obama doesn’t have enough to deal with: war in Iraq/Afghanistan, recession, eroding environment, and the Mideast now in chaos, the proponent for ‘change’ also will have to handle Midnight Regulations. Midnight regulations is a term for United States federal government regulations promulgated by executive branch agencies in the lame duck period of an outgoing President’s administration. Presidents Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush have made the most extensive use of midnight regulations; as it allows an outgoing President to put through the motions of regulatory changes at any branch of the government, and since U.S. federal law mandates a 60-day waiting period before any major regulatory changes, the elected President will have to deal with any beauracies regarding the law. All accountability to either pass or renege the law lies now on the elected President, even though the outgoing president put the law in motion. Democratically speaking, this is a sneaky way for an outgoing President to try to pass all the laws that he/she couldn’t during their presidency.

Thus, some Presidents try to publish new major regulations on November 21, 60 days before the new President’s inauguration on January 20. “Minor” regulations, those that have less than US$100 million in effect on the economy or do not have major social policy significance, have a similar 30-day waiting period

Already, it has been reported that the Bush Administration is feverently midnight regulating, touching everything from business practices, to removing environmental emissions caps for businesses, and even touching sensitive topics like Abortion. With the thought of Midnight regulations at the back of his mind, it is no wonder he has hit the ground running trying to deal with the Auto bailout, and stimulus packages, because come January 20, 2009, the weight of the world is on his shoulders.

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The ‘GOOD’ of Bush

The ‘Good’ of Bush
Virtues: Legacy, record, recollection

I simply want to pose a simple question: In his 7 years in office, what GOOD things/acts have George W Bush done? I don’t claim to be a ‘left’ or a ‘right’ wing dude at all, but I have to wonder what good (if any) has GWB done in his term? And the only blogs/articles that you see about GWB portray him in a negative light (which at times is really, really warranted). I can only think of complete f*ck-ups: ignoring warnings to 9/11, Iraq invasion, Iraq rebuilding, hunt for Osama (still on-going), stem cell research, the environment, Katrina, and the list goes on.

Growing up as an 80’s baby, and living next to the U.S. giant, the only real U.S. president that has affected me was Clinton. And besides getting some brain in the office, I don’t really recall Clinton f*cking up so much.

So I really got to ask what good has he done? It seems like every day there is a report that describes a folly, scandal, or blunder. But with winning a successful re-election, and maintaining a high approval rating (for the majority of his term), there must be something that he is doing that is right … right?

Let me know, because I am baffled.