No. 2 Pencil

Always be No.2

This one is definitely for all the geeks and nerds out there. Ever noticed how most pencils out there are No. 2 pencils? That is the only pencil we really hear about, so it made me wonder what happened to pencils No.1 and so on. Apparently there are many grades of pencils and the number relates to how hard the lead is in the pencil. So for everyday use, such in schools, the No. 2 pencil is the most commonly used because in the spectrum of pencils, it is the middle grade between the hardest lead and lightest lead. Apparently in the engineering and architecture fields, a harder lead pencil is used.

Yes, I know, very exciting stuff.

One interesting note related to pencils, but more relates to the history of the litigious nature of the U.S.:

“On 30 March 1858, Hymen Lipman received the first patent for attaching an eraser to the end of a pencil. In 1862 Lipman sold his patent to Joseph Reckendorfer for $100,000, who went to sue the pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell for infringement. In 1875, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled against Reckendorfer declaring the patent invalid.”

File this under the category ‘The more you know’

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Little Carl Carlton – Drop By My Place

Little Carl Carlton

A classic Motown/Funk era jam from Detroit native ‘Little Carl Carlton’ with a track called ‘Drop By My Place’ (Back Beat Records 1970).

Some more pictures of Little Carl Carlton, and a note, they were really funky with the album imagery back in the day – besides the quality of graphics, I don’t think much as really changed … I could be wrong:

Dot City – City of Dreams

City of Dreams

City of Dreams

Another track from Toronto based hip-hop group DOT CITY with ‘City of Dreams’; this time, they take the musical composition to the next level – yes I may sound bias because I work with them, but with the banging beats by Flawless Tracks (@flawlesstracks), this track shows the range & musical potential of Dot City.

Listen below:

Dot City ‘City of Dreams
Performed by DOT CITY
Produced by Flawless Tracks
Mixed & Mastered by K R Moore