Conflicting spatial memory

An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory terms. Sometimes it is done inadvertently or deliberately to be condescending, funny, and/or satiricial. Either way, there are countless examples of oxymorons that will be sure to elicit a reaction out of you. Enjoy:

Good grief

– Grief is never good, always a thorn in your a–

Act naturally

– by definition ‘acting’ is not a ‘natural’ behavior.

Small crowd

– by definition, a crowd can not be ‘small’

Peace force

– How can war ever bring ‘peace’? Using force to bring about peace is just a contrast of ideals.

Pretty ugly

– How can one be visually stunning yet horrific at the same time?

Tight slacks

– I swear that many of the hip-hop hipsters are on this tip now …

Synthetic natural gas

– anything synthetic is not natural

Passive aggression

– something we do all the time; to coincide with societal norms

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