tan(008) – Medicine Toast with the Green

Hyrbrid Parking, burning toasters, self-realization

Sorry to go on a tangent but …. and I don’t spot the danger in the pic above

Green Parking Spaces

There are some grocery stores that have taken upon themselves to push the idea that certain parking spots will be reserved for ‘green cars’; specifically hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius. I guess this kind of hurts as I recently had a Toyota Prius, lost it in an accident, but now I have a Diesel vehicle – which is not a hybrid, but burns the diesel fuel cleanly. My gripe with this policy may be biased; especially since I did not have a chance to utilize the ‘luxury’ of a shorter walk to the grocery stores. I wonder what would happened if anyone parked a non-hybrid vehicle in those spots – what is the worse that could happen? Its not like these spots hold the same weight as disabled parking spots – as you can actually get a real, expensive ticket for illegally parking there. I will test out the theory.



I’m not a really big fan of toasters and/or toast foods, but when I do use a toaster, I feel I encounter the same problem repeatedly – I always end up burning my fingers trying to grab out the bread OR I have to use a knife to pull the bread out of the toaster. Can’t they design the toaster in a way where we won’t have to dig too deep to try to pull out the bread? Or make some adjustable handles so that the sides of the toaster can easily open up? Its asinine that I have almost burned my hand three times in the past week just for trying to pull out some bread, SMH.


Good Medicine

First, sorry for the bad picture.  But anyways, I love it when people reach a state of realization of something that they complained about you, but they themselves are now exhibiting that same behavior that made them so mad and vocal (i.e. like when your girl hates on you for being sarcastic, but yet she does the same thing). They get real quiet, like the opposite of a barbershop, like what happens when a minority steps into a room and is the minority – a heightened sense of self-awareness. All that you complained about, griped, moaned, about someone’s behavior is not so foreign anymore – it now feels like a natural reaction to natural events. Any lack of comprehension is now clarified like a crisp clear day – and it only took a dip in the ocean to understand, as the best medicine to understand something probably needs experience. Rhetoric is nothing and I guess can not be fully understood by most without some practical experience. I am sure we have all been in this experience as either the recipient of the realization or the viewer – either way, its not good to ‘revel’ in the feeling, but keep it as a wild card, to pull out when that same individual wants to return to primitive ways.

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