Relational Checkers


Relational Checkers

Putting them in ‘check’

No, not checkers as in the classic family board game, but in relationships. I always wondered why women who have a man, keep their other guy friends in the picture – someone they communicate with from time to time. At first, my thought that women kept these men as a “Plan B” – which, could still be the case in some situations; women has long used the Plan B dude for when their man acts up, or they lose interest in their man, and want to have some fun – yes women are strange creatures. But, I believe that when a woman is really feeling her man, and she has the other guy friends in the background, I suggest that it is a strategic move to keep her man in ‘check’. To plant the idea that if ‘you act up, there is someone waiting in the background to come to the light and take your position’. And to emphasize such thoughts, women usually will mention these background characters in passing conversations with their man, as a subtle reminder that embodies the spirit of the man-hating anthem sung by Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”. Since women are such innovative pretty things, they have created different kinds of ‘checks’; available at their disposal to deploy and put their man in check. Each checker move has a metaphorical meaning from its implied literal simplicity, such as:

Edu Check

“Peter just finished Med School, and is going on to do his fellowship at the local hospital”
Interpretation: Get your ish together and do something with your life, or I’ll be making the good doc do my physical.

Attitude Check

“Samuel is so quiet and shy”
Interpretation: You talk to much, and it is really pissing me off as sometimes you put your big foot in your mouth

Fun Check

“Thomas is crazy, he is always getting himself into some sort of mischief”
Interpretation: You are getting kind of boring, you don’t excite or arouse me like you used to. But the thought of Thomas does …

Financial Check

“When Jason takes his girls out, they don’t have to worry about a thing – he takes care of them”
Interpretation: You need to spend more money and stop being a cheapskate – romance has to be financed … at a variable rate.

I am sure there are other witty checks that women use to correct and align men, I would love to hear some so that I can be better equip!

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