Joe Budden says “F**k’ NY”

Joe Budden says “F**k’ NY”

Hometown love, where has it gone?

Now, I get what Joe Budden is saying in this video – he has a qualm with cities not supporting homegrown talent.  Apparently after a show that he was performing at with other New York artists, Joey felt that the crowd didn’t show love for their artists.  Now the reason for that, could be varied (i.e. the artists did not perform well, etc.), but Joey concludes that the local fans does not support their artists; especially now, New York is in a transitional phase in hip-hop music where they are trying to reclaim that crown from the South.  And being up here in the T Dot (Toronto), we are known for having the most haters per capita – we never show our own talent love & support; we always support the American acts when they come to our city to perform, and buy their CD’s when they drop, but when it comes to supporting our own, we never do.  I see it all the time, as an event promoter putting on live music events, its very difficult to get people to come out to support their own; up here, we would rather go to a redundant club than go experience our peers performing. 

However, it seems like in the South, they got it.  From the mid 90’s, they have been supporting their own local acts – from Master P and his No Limit empire, to Baby and his Cash Money Records empire, for local shows in the South, hundreds of people would go and support their local acts; everything from clothing to CD’s.  And now, the South pretty much runs hip-hop, some of it is not wanted though, but regardless they still run it.  And I guess that Joey is looking for that Southern affection and behavior to seep up north – as it is logical to suggest that especially when New York is ‘down’, the city should rally around its promising talent to support it, nurture it, and aide in its growth (flower-like). 

However, I guess on this cold, winter night, Joey felt New York didn’t represent like the days in the Boogie Down when hundreds would come out to the park, after dark, for two turntables, a mic, and a dope MC. 

I feel ya pain bro.

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