“That Dude”

That Dude

Waiting on the sidelines, ready to get into the game
That dude. He is the one in the wings, the corridor, waiting to be called into action – like the 2nd round draft pick dying to get some action in the game;

He has put in time, work, perservance, he is sure that his persuasive nature will win you over;

He balloons and exacerbates – he should work at a gas station;

Presents himself as the polar opposites of your complaints, beef, and frustrations;

Slips in keywords that make you ponder, re-assess, and re-evaluate;

Has a divine intuition – always calls her during those special times, troubling times;

He finds a way to connect feelings of disconnect;

But why does she keep that dude around;

He is either a plan B or a corrective measure;

To check and balance the plan A – to make the plan A be on his P’s & Q’s;

For if not, A has G2G;

I remember when, I used to be that dude;

Ladies confiding in me about their frustrations, pains, beefs, and quips;

Calling me all late nights to get my thoughts and opinions;

As that dude, I controlled the sea of their relationship – if willing could have added ripples and waves, that no boat could navigate through – well, without damage;

But I guess I am one of those few dudes that practice traditional codes, practice traditional honor, and practices traditional respect;

They really don’t make them like they used to.

Instead there is a plethora of ‘That Dude’, ready, willing, and able to do, say anything to change the course of your navigation …. Ladies get a strong boat

.:: LiBM ::.