Give Thanks to the Haters

Give thanks to the Haters
Virtues: respect, doubt, confidence, self-inflicting

Christmas is that time of the year to give thanks, spend time with your loved ones, and to reflect on the past and the future. We give thanks to faith, family, and friends that help us map our course through life. But I want to give thanks to a class of people that serves a useful purpose for society – the haters. I was trying to find a definition of the word ‘hater’ at, but some of the entries were a bit out there, so I will not define it in a statement, but in the following dialogue:

Give thanks to haters for …
– without them, we wouldn’t second-guess ourselves and question our judgment
– for doubting our abilities and reducing our confidence in ourselves
– for distracting us from the ‘eye on the prize’ with their ‘hataration’
– making fun of Britney (though may be warranted), but for also trivializing public breakdowns such as the fate of Amy Winehouse
– for taking hip-hop culture to another level as deliberate acts of a ‘beatdown’ of a rap artist was put on YouTube
– above all, wasting our time procrastinating, thinking; helping us to avoid our fears, goals, and challenges because of the ‘seed’ that you have put in our mind – the seed of doubt, that grows with each passing of a thought such as ‘maybe I can’t do it’, or ‘maybe I shouldn’t, because’.

Haters don’t do much damage as we do to ourselves, but let’s give thanks to them because without them, we wouldn’t realize that our full potential is greater than what they could ever imagine and/or hate on.

See you in ’08 Haters!

.:: d.b

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