The Good Piece?

The GOOD Piece?
Virtues: positive, goodness, humanism, respect

I was reviewing a couple of my blogs that I have written, and I came to the conclusion that I have been mostly negative – I’m always complaining, bitching, or protesting about something. Am I going to stop? No. But I am going to try to write something a bit more ‘good’ – in the sense of ‘good’ being good things and events that are all around us. Even when I’m reading other blogs from members of myspace or beyond, the mood is very pessimistic/cynic-like.

So what ‘good’ is out there in the world? We can all say that God is good, family, and friends – that should be understood by all, regardless of religion, race, or creed.

The Democratization of the Internet has been good; now any mofo can expose themselves to a bigger audience, and for the most part except for Internet service fees, the Internet is primarily free, and ‘we’ the people are taking control of its direction (kind of).

Hip-Hop, be that it is at a pretty shitty state at the moment, hip-hop culture is still a creative artform and expression for many.

Open Source, a wild and radical idea that allows programmers to share their code with the world. Many corporations frown upon this (as it is their trade secrets), but open source, or at least the initiative, has created many useful applications: Firefox, Picasa, wikipedia, etc., with a collaborative effort of many people around the world.

Google, not just for their simplistic search engine, but for their user applications; specifically, Google docs (trust me, you’ll never want to use Word or Excel again).

Environmental push, thanks to man’s self-inflicted problem of global warming, and high oil prices, we have taken steps to seriously create panels to discuss the future of our environments – perhaps those panels will actually do something … we can only hope.

Goodwill, the Tsunami, Katrina have showed that even with all of the evils in the world, humans can still give and help out their fellow man in a time of crisis; whether it is food, money, or volunteering in disaster areas.

T.V., the quality of television has surpassed the whole movie medium (in my opinion). Shows confront risqué topics and push the boundaries and limits of the norm. Shows like the Wire, Sopranos, 24, Heroes, Weeds, and others make
it more worthwhile to watch a T.V box set, rather than go out to the cinemas to pay for too much popcorn and uncomfortable seats.

Stem cell research, even though Bush is against this, this research technology can eventually solve most of the world’s illnesses. The ethical issue is whether it is just to take dead cells away from an organism to help save the life of another organism (I think that is what stem cell research is, in simplistic terms).

Wow, maybe my mind is blank or that may be all of the good things that I can
think of. Can y’all help a brother out and let me know what else is really good? (No pun intended).

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