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Celebrities and fascination w/ Black Novelty

Angelina started it (maybe with good, pure intentions) when she decided to adopt a baby from Nambia in Africa. At the time I thought, ok, based on her history of working with the U.N. and other agencies that work with the poor and developing nations, maybe her actions are genuine and she really does care about the state of affairs in Africa.

However, now Madonna has gone out and done the same thing, with allegations that she may have used her celebrity power to obtain the baby illegal. Now that may be true, or not, its irrelevant really, but when did Madonna become such a ‘humanitarian’? Several years ago, this broad was slutting her way to the top of the pop charts (and at her old age, she continues to do so). My fear is that Madonna adopted the black child because with everything that is Hollywood, this whole ideal of celebrities ‘saving’ those who are less fortunate has become trendy. It is the new ‘it’ thing. And Madonna is the 1st celebrity to FOLLOW in the noble footsteps of Angelina.

The worse thing that made me cringe was when I heard that broad Britney Spears thinking that she might do the same thing.

Black/African PEOPLE are not novelties. I guess my point is, that celebrities should only adopt if they honestly, and genuinely are adopting because they care about the well-being of the child that they adopt – celebrities should not adopt because it may improve their public image/perception (so they can sell more units).

If you want a novelty, find it on eBay, stay the f*** out of Africa.

Guy in the bottom picture is the father of the adopted baby.