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NSNG – How to keep the pounds off


NSNG stands for ‘No Sugars, No Grains’, coined by celebrity Trainer Vinnie Tortorich, is a nutrition plan (don’t like using the term ‘diet’) that is great for keeping the weight off.  The idea behind NSNG, is that sugar and grains are hard for the body to process and burn off; thus an excess of sugars and grain products lead to weight gain. And when you think about it, I’m sure you can see the parallels of eating too many grains like your cereal in the morning with that bagel — this mix of ‘Simple Carbs’ takes hours if not days to fully burn off if you are not physically active for the day. So removing or severely reducing the amount of sugars and grains from your palette will help keep the weight off. Now, by ‘sugars’, this refers to any added sugar (natural sugars from fruits are okay).

So WTF to eat?!?!

So you might be saying, ‘Hey, what am I supposed to eat then if you take out my morning cereal and bagel?!?’, and I hear yea – that is why I have made an example meal plan:

– Plain Greek Yogurt w/ frozen or natural fruits
– Bacon and Eggs
– Sausage
– Sweet Potato
– Ground Turkey or Chicken
– Veggies: Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots, Spinach, Kale
– Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Plantains


Just try it for a week, and you’ll start seeing the differences. For more info visit:


Oh and of course, it is good to do physical activity at least 3 times a week, 168 hours in a week, I’m sure you can find 3 hours there for yourself and betterment.

Hot or Cold, it’s all good when your hungover


Hot or Cold – Its all good

Foods that taste good hot or cold, just in-time when you need it

You know those nights where you come in, its like 4 am, you are starving after an eventful night of drinking.  You are in a state of ripe limbo – too tired to prepare something hot that may take upwards to 30 minutes, but so famish that you need some food to give you energy so that you can sleep well – and hopefully ward off a hangover.  So you open the fridge, looking for something edible that doesn’t need heating up, you are looking for something that tastes just as good, if not better cold.  Ergo for all the wild party animal yuppies, and the do-nothing youth vagabonds, here is a starter guide to the food that tastes good, hot or cold:

Rice Krispies
– a.k.a. Stoner food, I can’t recall the last time I had rice krispies hot, or can’t recall if I ever had the thought to heat it up, but when you need a quick snack, a cold Rice Krispies treat will do the job.

– possibly the best hot/cold food item, of course the hot pizza is always reliable to hit the spot, but there is something about cold pizza that is equally irresistible; I don’t know if its the hardened cheese that creates a layer above the sauce that separates the pizza into two, but damn, does it taste good.

Raisin Bread
– don’t be surprised about Raisin Bread, the sweet raisins mixes with the flour in the bread to make for a nice mixed taste hot or cold

Boiled Eggs
– Does one really enjoy boiled eggs?  Hot or Cold it has no real taste, and the purpose of eating is purely for the health benefits, so hot or cold, it doesn’t really matter as it really has no causation on taste.