tan(006) – Check your self with the fro in summer, see the curves?

Self-checkouts, womenly fitness, and ‘Fro in the Summer

Not to go on a tangent but …


Don’t know why there are not more of these devices at the major retail stores. They are so handy when you are in a big box store like Wal-Mart near closing time, only 2 cashiers are open, you have under 10 items, and there is a long line with people doing their monthly shopping – full carts. With self-checkouts for 10 items or less, you can virtually eliminate that cash register that was designated as ‘express only’. AND, customers are more than competent to bag their own groceries – let’s speed up the process people – the other day I was waiting in line at a Wal-Mart and I swore I was able to have a mini power nap.


Women Fitness

Its really asinine to hear the common objections from women and exercise, especially in relation to body toning/definition. Of course, women always want to lose weight, and the best way of doing so is by routine cardio activity – treadmill, bike, elliptical, etc. Try to bring up the topic of weight training, for the purpose of toning their arms or legs, get ready for strong objections – because you know, women working out with 5-10 pound weights will make them look like a man. They want to get rid of the flab on their arms/legs, but they don’t grasp the fact that cardio primarily loses weight mass; weight training tones and defines your body mass. But as much as I try to tell him that, picking up a dumbbell is like kryptonite to them. Furthermore, if I may, women to really burn fat, you need to get into your fat burning zone – meaning after a cardio routine, ‘you best be sweating’. That intense feeling where your heart is working hard to pump blood through your vessels, and you have to breathe extra hard and faster is your fat burning zone – brisk fully walking on the treadmill for 1/2 hour is not even equivalent to going full throttle, hard body on the same treadmill for 7 minutes. AND, don’t be afraid to sweat; its not ‘yucky’ or ‘eww’, it’s a sign of progress to a better you … lames.


Summer w/ the Fro

Even without a fro I dislike summer, because every activity, regardless if it is sitting (passive) or running/sports (active), your body temperatures jumps by like 5 degrees. Sweat increases from a light drizzle to torrential storms, and the funk is kicked up to George Clinton styles. You got to wash your hair more frequently, when cooling down from a workout you have to wait a little while longer as you spend most of your time mopping your towel on your head for sweat. I know the obvious fix to this ‘problem’ is to cut the fro, but I have and currently am reluctant to do so as I am the few that like the fro … so I guess I just have to make do, but I just wanted to get that off my chest (didn’t sweat at all when writing this).

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