2 is to 1 as

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Replacement inevitability

Analogies, comparing, knowing when to call it

2 is to 1 as one is to next inline to take over the ‘number one spot’; all of the analogies, with all things being equal in the universe, should over time, take over the number one spot from the current occupier in their respective field. So really it comes down to ‘how’ that change will happen; will it be a hostile takeover? Will the number one’s relevance diminish over time? Or will the number one bow out before they are still on top? When dealing with sports and entertainment; both are in the public eye, but the changes are very different – with sports figures usually going out on top to cement their legacy, and with entertainers they usually stay in the schoolyard too long; kinda like a College kid still hanging out around their High School – it just looks off.

So here are some examples of number 2’s hovering/vying for that number one spot:

2 is to 1 as …

Keri Hilson is to Beyonce

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Designed by: mapx


Lady Gaga is to Britney Spears

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Designed by: W-Tash


Lebron James is to Kobe Bryant

Designed by: mysticm0nkey

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Soulja Boy is to Bow Wow
Designed by: cheli0890
Designed by: niecee06 

Regardless if it is an R&B singer trying to overstep her boundaries, a manufactured pop tart trying to overtake an established pop tart, a great ball player challenging an olympic and multi NBA championship-winning player, or teeny rappers fighting over who gets the most adoration … eventually we all have to learn when to bow out and move on to another chapter in our lives.  Unfortunately with these examples, they probably will stick around High School well past until they are finished College, lol.

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