Presenteeism pt. 2

Presenteeism pt. 2

The Lawyers, Retail, and Chicken-esque ticket writers

This is part 2, check out the first installment below in ‘related posts’, I will be brief, there are a lot of jobs, positions, where people are present, but not really their, and I thought of some more …

Retail Sales
I am sure that any retail associate can vouch for this, but you all don’t really do much work. For the most part, you stand around while potential customers come into your store, and if you are able to muster the energy, you will ask them for help, but usually you won’t. I can’t tell you the countless times that I have walked into a store and have not been acknowledged or greeted – I don’t necessarily think it’s a racial thing, I think on general, most people are just a-holes and view the customer generally as an inconvenience that they gotta help. However, I am hearing with the recession, every retail store from the little guy to the nationwide chains are being more friendlier and improving on their customer service skills because they know that their job/store may get the axe.

Ok, lawyers do work when they gotta read over case studies, and files, and stuff. However, where it is very sweet for a lawyer, is that in some instances they get paid for just being present and not really saying much; divorce hearings, corporate signings, et cetera. Lawyers are paid a ridiculous amount of money just for their ‘perceived retention of knowledge’ when it comes to the law – nice gig.

Parking Enforcement Officers
These are the guys that were not quite good enough to make it as a real police officer, so these guys spend their days messing up your day. They sit, talk on cell phones while driving, text, and wait 3 hours – just so they can give you that $40 ticket. Because of these guys, I always have to look at the clock, because if your even

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