Epic Fail’s


Epic Fail’s

Worst things to try, and fail at

There are a lot of Epic Fail’s on the net – I mean, just go check YouTube, but what is even more traumatic is those things in life that you try and you fail at – miserably.  Not only do you fail at the feat, but the effects of you failing result in some undesirable consequence, such as …

Sky Diving:
I would probably suffer a heart attack if I ever skydived and realized that the parachute wasn’t working; I know its rare of people dying from Skydiving accidents, but its still something that would suck if you fail at it.

Getting a Tattoo:
If the tattoo looks ugly or has the wrong lettering or image, man, that is permanent, and you will permanently look f*cked up.  That is why I will never tattoo my body, that, and I am scared of needles.


Attempted Robbery:
In general, its not a pleasant feeling when you attempt to do something and you fail.  In the realm of being a ‘bad ass’, it must really suck if you try to rob someone on fail; its even worse when you have to go to jail, and your fellow criminals know you as the guy that tried to do something and failed – thus entering the known as a ‘punk’ world. You shouldn’t be stealing anyway, you will always end up getting caught because even if you are successful, you will become dependent and greedy and will get caught.

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