Mad Dashes


Mad Dashes

Situations that you gotta get out of ASAP

Watching a bad performance can be gruesome – not only for the performer whom may not know that they are bad, but it is bad for the viewer.  From live performances or even on T.V., I cringe whenever I see someone giving it their all – and they suck; and the genuinely are trying, but the performance is so bad, that you must change the channel or distract yourself immediately.  Part of me feels for the individual as we all know how hard it can be to come to the stage, but then another part of me feels like such lack of talent should not be viewable (to anyone).  Not only does it apply to performances, but their are other situations in life, where I just got to get the hell out – As Soon As Possible.

Change Room

I don’t know why, but in the fitness gym environment, old men like to walk around nude as if it is their own house.  Old, fat, and the like all just put out their junk in the gym, around a bunch of men, and there is something kinda gay about that – that is why, when I get to the change room – its no time to ‘relax’ or ‘cool down’ … I get the hell outta that place fast.

Friend’s Washroom

You know when you just gotta go, you gotta go – and it can hit at anytime.  But it is bad when you have to go at your friend’s house.  Of all things that people are particular about – the bathroom is very paramount.  To many, the bathroom is one’s throne; their thinking space, their relaxing space, and people usually do not welcome ‘foreigners’.  Thus, if I have to do my business, I handle my business and go – no time for the usual relaxing and reflecting as I do on my own throne.

Doctor’s Office

Whenever I go, this place feels like a place of walking bacteria and viruses.  Living on every seat, door knob, mandatory reno magazine, and airborne through the dull colored walls of the office.  To the left and right of me, everybody is sick – and the reasons to why they are sick (the reasons that they are there) run rampant in my mind: are they contagious, is it easily communicable, et cetera.  Just in that environment, sick people, staff that is over-worked, under-funded, and under-appreciated, makes me want to get out of there ASAP.

I am sure there are other universal mad dashes, leave comments below.


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