If its NOT ‘tricking’, then what is it?

“It ain’t tricking if you got it”
Then what is it?

I gotta make this a PSA .. ‘tricking’ is ‘tricking’, regardless if you have money or not.

I don’t know when tricking was in style, and I don’t even know how it got so popular, but I write this piece as a cry for attention to the mislead youth of the hip-hop world they may actually begin to think that tricking is acceptable. It started with Lil Wayne glorifying it in ‘A Milli’, to T-Pain, T.I., and now even Ludacris – hip-hop’s top artists are slowly conditioning the masses to trick on women.

I am sure there are many definitions of ‘tricking’, but the one I subscribe to is this, tricking is an investment – a man tricks on a woman with lavish materials, fine dinning, et cetera, to ensure a reward or to ensure a repetition of such rewards. Hey, I guess we all got to do something to maintain the relationship, but what these rappers are preaching is kind of reckless, I mean to break it down:

‘It ain’t tricking, if you got it’

That implies that if you have a lot of disposable income, and you spend lots of money on your woman/women, then it is not ‘tricking’ . so what is it then? And, does that mean that if you DON’T have a lot of disposable income, and you spend lots of money on your woman/women, then is that ‘tricking’? Well, rappers are not the most logical of beings, but what this message of ‘acceptable tricking’ kind of misleads the masses; hip-hop already conditions one to be overly masculine, have a tough bravado, stunt, and maintain a confidence demeanor. So, with the ‘got it’ (money), what hip-hop aficionado wouldn’t assert that they have money? Even if they are struggling with employment, or living off their parents, a lot of the hip-hop masses will try to emulate the rapper lifestyle that they see in videos. T.I. can afford to ‘trick’, even if he does it see it like that (which he is wrong), but the average Lamar’s & Omar’s are not living like that – and playing into such a fa├žade can be dangerous:

A) It conditions women that ‘tricking’ should be expected from men
– So you go to the club, see a fine lady, couple of days and dates past, and the woman will start to expect gifts, shopping sprees, and the like. Uh-huh baby girl, and even worse for the man, because if you can’t maintain the ‘tricking’ that she expects, she step out on you – and then the man has an expensive high-yielded investment that went awry.

B) Credit will suffer, but disposable income amongst men will rise
– Here is some good news for slumping U.S. economy, but bad news for lenders. As men are conditioned to engage in tricking, they will incur large amounts of debt, taxed on with high interest rates, creating a problem for the lenders (in recouping their money), but it will benefit the shopping and restaurant industry as the hip-hop generation of men will continue to trick on their women, in the face of mounting debt.

I know I am asking a lot, by requesting that hip-hop artists show some responsibility, but I just had to address this growing popular notion that ‘tricking’ is NOT ‘tricking’, if you have money . it is still tricking, don’t get it twisted.

.:: d.b ::.

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