Venus and its attempt to engulf Mars

Stop saying ‘mines’ and start saying ‘ours’
Virtues: Venus vs. Mars, relationships, comprimise

This is actually a line from a Lil’ Kim song back in the day. The line surfaced in my head after a discussion with my girlfriend when she said, you need to stop thinking “I”, and start thinking “WE”. I had to stop & think about this for a sec as maybe she was inferencing that I am selfish, self-centered, and other ‘self’ absorbed attributes (of course she is wrong about that).
But on a larger scale, I think that when women say such things like ‘think WE’ it is more so a code for ‘think like me’, assimilate to my ideology.

Mars & Venus
It is true that men are from Mars & women are from Venus, and when the two planets meet, the goal of Venus is to engulf Mars, change its gravitational force, modify its outer appearance, and change its atmospheric behavior. More times than not, Mars is content with Venus & all of her many flaws, but Mars rarely tries to change them to assimilate to Mars’ world; Mars has a better ability to understand that our differences make us unique & tolerance is easier than cohesion.
But enough of inter-planetary dynamics, women are very meticulous & calculated creatures. ‘We’ & ‘ours’ is the logical progression for any relationship as feelings of love & affection grows, BUT be cautious just as an amber light. Because ‘WE’ should not have to mean the end of YOU, and your mind, body, & soul.

Be careful of those bodysnatchers …

— d.b

3 thoughts on “Venus and its attempt to engulf Mars”

  1. It is a well established fact that biologically speaking, women are wired differently from men. I can confidently speak for women in a global realm, when I say that women are innately nuturers and caregivers, moreso than men. Subsequently, it is only normal that these characteristics be reflected in a romantic relationship. My point? I agree that sometimes when women say “think we”, they do mean “think like me.” However, what you’re wrong about is the translation of “think like me”, which is simply, “think like a woman” i.e. be more considerate, show some more affection, be more nurturing…” I’m pretty sure your girlfriend appreciates the fact that you’re obviously an opinionated individual. I doubt she’d want you to change. But would it hurt you to be more considerate?

  2. interesting perspective on it … you make some good points, and each party has to be considerate to each other; to a certain degree. However, there is always a fine line that must be walked and checked from time to time; because of course, no one wants to be taken advantage of and/or lose their independent mind – for, if you don’t know, there are many-a-women whom would like to think and control the actions of their men … do you know of any of these women?

  3. I know no such women (who try to control their men) and I’m most certainly not one of these women nor do I ordinarily condone such behaviour. However, if the man’s not stepping up to the plate and fulfilling his responsibilities as a man, someone has to do it. Why not his woman? If that means that she’s now in control, so be it.

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