Reasonable Christmas

Its that time of the year. Where everything is merry and such, and such. Saint Nick, Reindeer, Candy Canes and with Christmas approaching fast, I reflect on how much difference (if there is any) of Christmas changing over the years. I would say Christmas is more ‘commercialized’, but I am not too sure about that – nor do I see a problem if there was a change (more commerce is always good in our Western society). People act a bit nicer around this time, and become more depressed in January.

So probably the only significant difference between now and when I was an 80’s baby (though I can only recall the 90’s) is that December is significantly warmer and has an absence of snow (yes, even from the Great White North), which would indicate global warming.

Overall, the message of Christmas still resonates, Hanukkah is still strong, and Kwanza still grows.

My fondest memory of Christmas is the Dinner; which I never really appreciated until recently, and I felt kind of awkward when I really had my first Christmas dinner. However now, I’ve grown accustomed to it and have realised that no matter how busy we are, or how crazy we have gotten in the past couple of weeks in our attempt to try to find gifts, parking spaces, exchanges and returns, etc., all that crap does not matter and is irrelevant … what is important that you and your loved ones can congregate and break bread with each other.

So I ask, what is your fondest memory of Christmas?

.:: peace

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