VLot Case #120: "Leave my cologne alone, its a little too strong for you to be putting on"

“Leave my cologne alone, its a little too strong for you to be putting on”

From Lupe Fiasco ‘I Gotcha’ (2006)
a case study from

Relates to ‘swagger jacking’. Swagger jacking can be described in adoring and borrowing one’s style, charisma; but more importantly, claiming that style and charisma as your own. Back in the day it would one would be labelled a ‘biter’.

Furthermore, this quote goes a bit deeper and suggests that one can not hold one’s weight; which is a direct shot to ‘swagger jackers’. Because if you are going to emulate someone; one best do a damn good job at being similar or better than the original, because if one does not look similar or better, the public will easily be able to identify the ‘fakeness’ in the perpetraitor. In the entertainment industry, many try to copy style of another, but it rarely works:
– New York imitating the Dirty South (i.e. Chicken Noodle soup, very wack)
– Everybody trying to get shot 9 times like 50 Cent (Beanie, Fabolous, and others)
– Madonna trying to adopt children, just like Angelina
– In the early 2000’s everybody was trying to get the ‘Neptunes’ sound (wack notables; Angie Martinez, Ray J)

On a lower-profile scale, many people have to go through the process of deciding whether to step in the shoes of another, primarily when it comes to filling roles: for example, becoming a responsible father, taking over the family business, a new job position, whatever the case is, assuming a new role whether by choice or not, can be a challenge.

As Lupe suggests, if it is a little too strong for you to handle, then symptoms will follow, commonly known as ‘coping’. Coping may manifest itself into certain types of behavior; withdrawal from certain social settings, anxiety, depressants (drugs, alcohol), and other behavior that is usually damaging. Thus, if one can not cope with the ‘cologne’ then another quote comes to mind; ‘If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen’.

For the ones that are being bitten, there is a quote that suggests that ‘imitation is the greatest form of flattery’; however, this flattery may be indirectly (meaning, the one who is imitating will not likely directly admit to admiring the source’s). So, instead of getting mad or irrate because someone is ‘biting your style’, think of it as an accomplishment that someone would try to emulate your behaviour.

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