Jay-Z Fan Art

Jay-Z Fan Art

I guess Jay is at a level where he can get a dedicated post of abstract art designed by his fans. The Blueprint 3 continues to do extremely well even in this rocky economic climate — but I guess good music, is good music. And it is something that the game has been missing for awhile. Which goes to show you that hip-hop is not dead, the recording industry is only in as much trouble as the garbage albums that its members put out.

Like that movie the ‘field of dreams’ or something, ‘build it, and they will come’ – guess that is why Jay-Z made the Blueprint; and had to make 3 editions for the game.

Creation of Blueprint 3 cover

The Making of Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Artwork
I thought it was photoshopped, but apparently the cover was designed by something called ‘humans’ who specialize in something called ‘art’.


Designed by Bless the Rebel 133

Designed by Dillys

Designed by Sharingan Killua

Designed by Daymedeeartis


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