Deja vu?

Deja vu

When remembering the past is inappropriate I guess …

Is this wrong? I’ll explain a little story about being thoughtful and showing good memory. One time at a club I saw a good lady friend, lets label her ‘Stacy’. The last time I saw Stacy was at a fashion show that she was performing in. At that time, Stacy was wearing a smashing outfit that was very radiant; I commented on it as I give respect and adulation.
Now at this lounge, which was around 2-3 months after the fashion show, I saw Stacy with the same outfit. My memory clicked and remembered where I had seen the outfit. Thus, I approached Stacy in the lounge and commented on her outfit again, and referenced that I LIKED her outfit, and I commented that she had worn the same outfit at the fashion show – in a non-disrespectful way.
Apparently, this was a NO-NO. As I came to find out later that Stacy was extremely upset about my remarks and she called me all kinds of foul-mouthed names. Stacy’s friends were shocked, appalled, and disgusted that I said such things as apparently, women take things like that seriously …. ah, well as B.I.G. said it:

“If I said it I meant it, bite my tongue for no one!”

– peace