Yes, even the homeless get grimey

Yes, even the homeless get grimey
Virtues: Racism, Discrimination, Economics, Poverty

True Story.

My boy and I are sitting in the student lounge of our University. We notice a homeless person – roughly in his mid 40’s, white, scraggily clothes, unshaven, and is asking people @ tables around us for change; he was gradually making his way to each table, and he was about to approach us to ask us for change (or at least we thought). I was anticipating his approach & readying my response of “Nah, I don’t have any change”, but my boy was reaching into his pocket to grab his wallet to show some human compassion by giving him a few dollars. Now, dude looks straight at us. Looks us dead in our eyes. Walks right by us and asks the white women at the table beside us for money, and then continues down the row of tables asking people for a handout.

I didn’t believe what had happened – not much things get to me as I can handle overt & non-overt acts of racism. But this thing here was like a slap in the face.

Ironically enough, we were probably the only people that were willing to give the muthaphucka any help.

A lesson learned.

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