Negative World

Took a little hiatus, but hi-hate-us, I am back

Negative World
Virtues: debt, loans, outlook

No matter how bleak the outlook on life may be, you gotta remember something – the Negative World. What is this ‘negative world’? Doesn’t necessarily relate to negativity, but more so correlates to one’s financial status. A good friend told me about this world where ‘minuses’ become a way of life, below ‘zero’ is a constant theme. However, even though my friend was living in this negative world, he acted like he didn’t; actually acted quite the opposite, which shocked me, but I guess we can’t let our financial level affect our morale – to an extent I guess. I recalled being in this negative world, as a young college student, and many college students across the world exist in this world where debt is synonymous with being a student – yet credit cards still want to shower you with ‘no annual fees’ and a ‘low interest rate’.

I guess my point is, if you are in the negative world, don’t let your debt lead you to a negative life – that ain’t positive.

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