Book – Life in Beta

Yes, I have decided that I will try the difficult yet cathartic task of writing a book. No, I don’t believe that my life is that interesting where it will be an autobiographical account, but it will be more of a collection of stories and events from my perspective, some theories that I have about people and life, and some emotional accounts that will hopefully strike a chord that will influence one to ‘be better’ or at least reflect on their actions.

Chapters will be working drafts, so any feedback is welcomed.

Stay tuned.

*** Update Jan 2012 ***

After a year or so since I wrote this, with no chapters really written, I think I have a work title for the book ‘Life in Beta’ – which is a title that makes so much sense; which I will explain in a later post


*** Update April 2012 ***

Wrote some outlines, but not enough, time to buckle down!

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